Flowchart of our Service  
  • A defective instrument may be delivered to our Repair and Service Centre or the office of South China National Centre of Metrology via taxi or courrier service.Some customers have chosen to deliver it in person.

  • Upon arrival, the instrument is entered into our service log book and a detailed consignment record is issued to acknowledge receipt of same.

  • The consignment record would have a full description of the instrument as well its present problems so as to assure the customer that he or she would get back the very same one he or she has consigned with us and that problems be examined closely and accordingly.

  • An estimate is made and presented to the customer quoting the problems found and the costs for parts and labor. We offer only quality and competitive prices for all parts used or else as per customer’s instructions.

  • Further work proceeds upon the customer’s acceptance and authorization.

  • Steps to restore a defective instrument to its operational capacity: Testing → Examining → Estimate and Acceptance → Proceeding Work → Making or Ordering the Parts → Repair → Endless Testing and Adjustment until Capacity is Restored → Return Instrument to Customer.Experience has it that more than 50% of defective instruments can be restored to its service capacity within 7 days after acceptance.

  • The instrument is ready to be returned to the customer upon scrutiny of the consignment record as well as its operational capacity to the customer’s satisfaction.

  • It is returned to the customer upon payment of charge for labor and parts. We undertake to guarantee the instrument’s operational capacity for a period of 3 months commencing from the payment date.